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About Us

Aybit is a small and innovative Business Information Technology company that offers unique Web solutions and Web development services to Web projects.
Aybit specializes in the agile develpoment of interactive Web 2.0 applications, built on top of state-of-the-art backend systems, while focusing on cutting-edge open source frameworks.
Aybit delivers professional and cost-effective integration of Web-solutions and custom-made Web development, for the enhancement of business-value by Web innovations.



Aybit has vast experience and extensive competence in the area of Web development, gained by years of hands-on work for renowned international corporations.
Aybit offers the following services and work models:


Aybit gives technologies and business counseling, especially in the initial phase of Web projects.
Aybit conducts research and evaluation of modern technologies, and advises on how to reach the objectives of the customer quickly while maintaining minimal costs. In addition, Aybit can design the application architecture, and provide drafting of technical specifications to meet the needs of the customer.


Aybit provides outsourced Web-Development for Web projects!
Aybit seeks to serve as a technology-partner, to supports other companies with agile and professional Web-development. In addition Aybit provides integration of existing Web-solutions, customization of standard Web products, testing and bugfixing, and setup of IT infrastructure.

The services are offered on hours-basis at very attractive rates. Or on a preference of the customer for a Fix Price pending on successful completion, thus risk-free for the customer.
Aybit helps the customer to get the work done within controlled costs. Aybit delivers the outsourcing in time and within budget!

Continuous Support

Aybit offers also continuous support to the development and maintenance of already existing Web projects and Websites, according to the customer's requirements.

We are used to remote work over common project tools as  source code repositories, automatic deployment systems, ticketing tools, update conferences, and can be quickly integrated with an exising development team. Aybit offers services irrespective of the customer's location, while helping the customer to inhance the overall control over the project.



Aybit is continuously researching, discovering and experiencing new emerging technologies.
We are driven by the goal to build-up deep and up-to-date technologies expertise, in order to deliver best quality and innovation to our customers. Aybit develops software that is especially compact by using existing reusable open-source frameworks, which significantly shortens development time, reduces costs and helps projects reach the set targets.

Aybit's focus is on the following technologies:


Aybit builds Rich Internet Applications based on 100% Ajax and JavaScript, using wide technological-knowledge and current best-practices.
Using open-source Ajax and JavaScript frameworks Aybit provides interactive, intuitive and user-friendly Web 2.0 surfing experience. Ajax and JavaScript frameworks include elements such as online server-interactions, form validations, animation and effects, interactive designs, image processing, fonts & visualizations, graphs & charts, audio & video. Aybit develops full web applications, as well as Add-Ons, Plugins, Widgets, Mashups and Portlets.

Aybit has vast experiance with the following frameworks and technologies:

  • jQuery
  • Dojo
  • Prototype
  • Other JS-Frameworks: ExtJS, YUI, MooTools, CommonJS
  • JS-Interpreters (Rhino, Mozilla)
  • Common Web standards (HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS3, JSON, etc.)
  • Cross-browser compatibility.


Aybit is versatile in different Java technologies, and uses mainly Java for robust and scalable backend systems. Open-source Java frameworks are suitable for uses such as enterprise business modeling, business logic, data access and processing, interactions with external systems and parallel-processing, as well as for well structured Web-development.

Aybit has experiance in using a wide range of open-source Java-frameworks including the following frameworks and standards:

Core Java: JDK 5.0, JDK 6.0, J2EE (1.2), EJBs(2.0, 3.0) , POJOs, Apache-Commons.
XML-Processing: DOM, SAX, XSLT, XML-Schema, XPath, XQuery, JAXB, StAX, JAXP, JSON.
Distributed-Architectures: Web-Services (JAX-WS, JAX-RPC), REST(JAX-RS), WSDL, WS-* Standards, Axis, Apache CXF, Corba, RMI, JNDI, JCA.
High-Load/Parallel-Processing: Threads, JMS, ActiveMQ, MQSeries.
Data/Persistence: JDBC, JTA, Hibernate, iBatis, Derby, DAOs, JPA, AOP, Jakarta DBCP.
UI- and Web-Development: JSP, Taglibs/JSTL, JSF, Struts (1.0, 2.0), Velocity, SiteMesh, Grails, Swing, JavaFX, Jython.
Utilities: Spring frameworks, Quartz, Acegy, Bouncy Castle, JavaMail, Drools, Apache Lucene/Compass, OSCache, JCS, OpenIM, iText, Apache FOP, JTX, JAF, JAAS, Log4j.
CMS, CRM, Reporting: Alfresco, OFBiz, OpenCms, JFreeChart, JasperReports.
Tools and Servers: Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Talend, XDoclet, Junit, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server, Tomcat, Apache, Jetty, GlassFish, Sun Application Server.

PHP Development

Aybit develops Web-Applications built using PHP-based open-source frameworks.
We integrates, customizes, and extends existing out-of-the-box frameworks as well as build our own customer-tailored frameworks and thus offer a wide variaty of solutions to the customers.

Aybit's expertise includes:
Wordpress - Blogs and impression Web-sites.
vBulletin - Forums for info-communities.
ZenCart, osCommerce - Shopping Carts for online shopping.
sympfony, joomla - CMS Solutions for Websites.


Smartphones Apps

Aybit provides the design, development and distribution of high quality Smartphone Apps.
Aybit specializes in developing multimedia intensive Apps for iPhone and for most of the other Mobile platforms, including Android, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm.

Aybit brings vast experience in developing and deploying projects, which combine Mobile, Web and Content Management Systems while emphasizing design and art in order to enhance the user experience.

Whether interested in building custom Smartphone Apps from the ground up, or in modifying or enhancing existing Smartphone Apps, our skilled and experienced developers can get the job done! Our work spans the spectrum from small stand-alone applications to large-scale solutions integrated seamlessly into your company's backend systems.

The experience of Aybit in developing premium products for iPhone and other mobile platforms, allows for the customization of a unique product that answers the business and personal needs of each of our customers individually. Further, Aybit uses methods of agile programming and already existing basis-platforms, which gives us the abiliy to bring new products, quick and cost effective to the market.

We would be happy to give you more information about our Smartphone-Apps development services, according to your own inidividual business needs.


Aybit is experienced in the extension and integration of Google APIs and Google apps. Google APIs and apps can be integrated into existing Web-applications and hence empower these applications with the strength of Google's online services.

Among others Aybit has extensive knowledge in the integration and use of the following frameworks and APIs:

APIs-Integration: Google Maps, Google Ajax Search, Google Ajax Language, Google AJax Feed, Google Gadgets, Google Visualization, Google Earth, Google Book Search, Google Friend Connect, Goolge Analytics, Goolge Adsense, Google Finance, Google Calendar, Google Wave.

Frameworks: Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Google App Engine, OpenSocial.




SAP Configurator: In 2007-2010 Aybit as a sub-contractor has implemented major parts of the software of the SAP Configurator, from its most inception till its full integration into the applications landscape of SAP. The SAP Configurator is based on modern Ajax technologies such as Dojo, jQuery, and prototype, is built on top of Java-Backend, and supports advanced multilingual capabilities.



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